2021 ISSPP: Management of Peritoneal Metastasis-Colorectal Cancer – March 27th, 2021

Webinar on the Management of Peritoneal Metastasis-Colorectal Cancer, March 27th, 2021 – Stanford University – Dr. Byrne Lee

ThermaSolutions and Genesis Medical Group were proud to be the sole sponsor of the ISSPP Webinar “Management of Peritoneal Metastasis Colorectal Cancer on March 27, 2021. This was an international virtual event moderated by Dr. Byrne Lee at Stanford University. Dr. Lee is a longstanding key opinion leader in the world of HIPEC and we have been proud to partner with him along the way.

It was great to hear of the promising research in the areas of gastric and colorectal cancer treatment and to learn about the exciting role of pressurized laparoscopic aerosolization (PLA) in the future of treating malignancies.