ThermoChemTM HT-2000 (FDA & CE)

ThermoChemTM HT-2000 Features

With a user friendly screen and touch interface the ThermoChemTM HT-2000 allows for ease of use in the operative suite.

The ThermoChemTM HT-2000 is a system of specially integrated subsystems and devices for fluid control and accurate temperature maintenance during Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC).

At its core is a heater system that was specifically developed for intraperitoneal heating, and is adjustable from 36 to 47°C (98 to 116.6°F) in 0.1 degree increments.

With this level of precision, the targeted treatment temperature can be quickly achieved, closely maintained, and easily adjusted to optimize treatment efficacy and patient safety.

Fluid flow is controlled by a roller pump system with a flow rate range of 0 to 2400 ml/min. All operating parameters are computer monitored, displayed and managed through an interactive touchscreen monitor.

Integrated pressure sensing hardware and software in the HT-2000 insures optimal performance.

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Typical Treatment Settings from the ThermoChemTM Home Screen

Case data is readily available immediately after each treatment

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Case data is readily available on the HT-2000 device. Using the USB port on the Connector Panel, a simple upload of information and conversion of the data produces useful information related to the case including:

  • Inflow and outflow fluid temperatures over the entirety of the case
  • Other temperature readings (if additional temperature probes were utilized)
  • Flow rate during the case
  • Marker for treatment agent addition to system

Because of the importance of maintenance of perfusate temperatures at approximately 42O C throughout the abdominal cavity, the ability to track flow rate and inflow and outflow temperatures is an important visual tool. Ask your Representative for a demonstration.