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Temperature Probes

ThermaSolutions Temperature Probe

ThermaSolutions Temperature Probe


Myocardial Temperature Probe

Patient Temperature Probes

ThermaSolutions offers two types of patient temperature probes for use with the IPH Disposable Kits. Both allow for ease of use, flexibility of placement, and come in a 72″ length.

The ThermaSolutions Temperature Probe is a customized general-purpose probe designed specifically for use in hyperthermic cases.

The Myocardial Temperature Probe offers a 15mm needle for use in patient tissue in addition to use inside of

ThermaSolutions Temp. Probes (box of 10):  TMP-1314

MyoCardial Temp Probes (box of 10) Order#:  TMP-001

Component Tray for the ThermoChem™ HT-2000

Component Tray

This accessory tray contains all the necessary reusable items required to connect the ThermoChem™ HT-2000 to the IPH Disposable kit. Contained in a hospital grade, foam lined storage tray are: water hoses, heat exchange probes, temperature extension cables, reservoir bracket, IV pole, pressure sensor, allen wrench, operator’s manual, cleaning/disinfection manual, and quick-start guide.  Also available for individual purchase:

Patient Temperature Probe Extenders (blue)
Heat Exchanger Temperature Probes (gray)
Water Lines (2)
Reservoir Bracket
Pressure Sensor
IV Hanger Rod

Order#:  101-9007

Component Tray for the ThermoChem™ HT-2000


ThermaSolutions Waste Bag

10-Liter Waste Bag

The Waste Bag has a 10-liter capacity and connects directly to the IPH Disposable Kit. This offers a complete closed system for the IPH disposable, greatly reducing the concerns of handling and fluid spills during a procedure. The Waste Bag includes the bag, a tubing connector and IFU.

Order#:  101-3500