Single Use Disposable HIPEC Procedure Kits

IPH Procedure Kit (FDA)

  • 111-2000, IPH-2000 or IPH-2000M (Sterile Packs); depending on region or desired temperature probes
  • Pre-built circuit with 3L fluid reservoir, high efficiency heat exchanger, bypass (recirculating) line, and pressure sensor
  • Table pack of inflow and outflow Wye connectors
  • Additional pack with inflow/outflow cannulas and patient temperature probes
  • Waste Bag available (Part# 111-3500)
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ThermaSolutions Components

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TSP Procedure Kits (CE)


  • All inclusive kit with pre-warming pack + table pack + waste bag
  • Pre-built circuit with 3L fluid reservoir, high efficiency heat exchanger and bypass line
  • Table pack with temperature probes, inflow/outflow cannula and outflow protectors
  • Dual Temp Probe for measuring
    Heat Exchanger Temperature
  • Usable on all our devices
  • Optimized for both open or
    closed procedures

TSP Procedure Kits versions:

  • TSP 1016        1 Inflow + 3 Outflow
  • TSP 1019.0     3 Inflow + 2 Outflow
  • TSP 2011        2 Inflow + 3 Outflow
Download TSP Brochure TSP kits: Training Videos See the TSP Kit during an Open HIPEC Case
TSP1016 Kit in Tub

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