ThermoChemTM HT-2500 (CE)

ThermoChem™ HT-2500 System* Overview

The ThermoChem™ HT-2500 System consists of the ThermoChem unit, a HIPEC Disposable Kit or disposable, and a touchscreen monitor.

The ThermoChem™ HT-2500 System is intended to raise the core temperature of the peritoneum to a desired target temperature by continuously circulating and lavaging the peritoneum during a HIPEC procedure using warmed Lactated Ringer’s Solution, U.S.P., or another physiologically compatible sterile solution enriched with chemotherapeutic drugs.


  • Adjustable temperature from 36º to 47ºC in 0.1 increments
  • Flow rate of up to 2400 ml/min with adjustable roller pump
  • Consistent outflow with gravity and/or vacuum
  • Interactive touchscreen monitor for accurate readout or setting of patient fluid temperature, flowrate and system pressure levels
  • Data recording/downloading of patient procedure
  • Easily separated into three pieces for transport

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Case data is readily available immediately after each treatment

Case data is readily available on the HT-2500 device. Using the USB port on the Connector Panel, a simple upload of information and conversion of the data produces useful information related to the case including:

  • Inflow and outflow fluid temperatures over the entirety of the case
  • Other temperature readings (if additional temperature probes were utilized)
  • Flow rate during the case
  • Marker for treatment agent addition to system

Because of the importance of maintenance of perfusate temperatures at approximately 42O C throughout the abdominal cavity, the ability to track flow rate and inflow and outflow temperatures is an important visual tool. Ask your Representative for a demonstration.

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Typical Treatment Settings from

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Components of the HT-2500 can be separated for easy transport.