ThermaSolutions has long been recognized as the originator of the IPH Therapy and as such has trained thousands of individuals around the world in the administration of their circuit to maintain heat and flow at a consistent level. 

We will partner with your Perfusion Team or OR Staff to insure that proper training takes place so that optimum results can be achieved each and every case.  TSI Sales and Support staff will be there to assist with you as you begin a new program. We are never more than just a phone call away for offering expert advice and superior knowledge when needed.  Once your staff feels comfortable we employ the train-the-trainer technique where we ask those that have used the device with successful outcomes to train others within the perfusion team or OR staff.

View the complete HT-2000 Training Video:

View each step of HT-2000 Training Video:

1 & 2 ThermoChem™ HT-2000 Introduction and Parts

3 Preparing the ThermoChem™ HT-2000

4 Opening the kit ThermoChem™ HT-2000

5 ThermoChem™ HT-2000 Mounting the disposable

6 Preheating ThermoChem™ HT-2000

7 Sterile field assembly ThermoChem™ HT-2000

8 Connecting patient and device ThermoChem™ HT-2000

9 Start circuit and treatment ThermoChem™ HT-2000

10 Case Completion ThermoChem™ HT-2000

11 Disassembly ThermoChem™ HT-2000

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